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Physiotherapy in Downtown Calgary

Located in the heart of downtown Calgary on Eighth Avenue, Calgary Core Physiotherapy is a downtown Calgary Physiotherapy leader in pain relief and injury recovery.

We love taking care of and restoring function to everyday Calgarians. Calgary Core Physio is also the choice of many athletes: From Cirque du Soleil, the Canadian Rugby Team, and other professional and Olympic teams are just some of the patients our team is accustomed to treating.

We are proud contributors to the sports medicine section of Impact Magazine. We are also invited guests for CBC’s Alberta at Noon Radio Talkshow, in which we offer our expert opinions and answers to questions from people with injuries across Alberta.

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Knee and Hip Physiotherapy at Calgary Core Physio

Getting to the "Core" issues of your injury

Are you still in pain despite receiving other treatment or therapy? Are you unsure of your diagnosis and why you are in pain?

With their many years of clinical experience, our highly educated physiotherapists pride themselves on their ability to “zero in” on a diagnosis of an injury and provide the most advanced treatment techniques and skills.

We strongly believe that you need to know what you’re fixing in order to fix it!

Meet our team

Tim Lee working in the rehab room at Calgary Core Physiotherapy with patient

We can help.

Whether you just injured yourself or have been suffering from an injury for months or years, we welcome the opportunity to show you why so many Calgarians have trusted, and continue to trust us with caring for their injuries.

Watch our video and learn more about our downtown Calgary clinic, and our team!

Access an exclusive group of highly trained Calgary physiotherapists

You can request a physiotherapist you’d like to work with (or have been referred to), or based on your injury + preferences — we’ll connect you with the ideal physio for your speedy recovery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our clinic! First, give us a call at 403-455-4010 to schedule an appointment. We ask that you fill out our Patient History Form prior to your appointment. Or even better, email or fax us these forms prior to your appointment.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

The length of time of your first appointment varies from condition to condition. For your first appointment, we suggest that you give yourself approximately 45 to 60 minutes of your time in the clinic. For follow-up appointments, give yourself approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Please bring something to wear that is comfortable and allows your physiotherapist to access the area to be treated. For example, bring shorts for a low back or knee injury, or a loose t-shirt for a shoulder or neck injury.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

You do not need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist. Go here to Book with us.

Physio Tips & Stories

Tap into our team’s wealth of knowledge with helpful physiotherapy and mobility tips. Or watch short stories about how the Core Physio team made all the difference in a patients recovery.

  • Transversus abdominals contraction

    Lower Back Exercise – Transversus Abdominus Contraction Level 2

  • Transverse abdominus contraction treatment

    Lower Back Exercises – Transverse Abdominus Contraction Level 1

  • Gluteus Medius Contraction

    Lower Back Exercise – Gluteus Medius Contraction

Your lasting recovery is our priority.

Let’s get you better:

Shoulder, neck, t-spine, and hip based flexion at Calgary Core Physio