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Iris Loots


Calgary Core Physiotherapist Iris Loots

Iris graduated with her Masters of Physiotherapy from Queens University in 2014 after completing an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Victoria. She has previously lived and worked as a physiotherapist in both Victoria and Ottawa in various settings including sports, orthopaedics and neuro-rehabilitation. Iris was born and raised in South Africa, and, as a child, her family immigrated to Canada, eventually settling in the Fraser Valley.

As a lifelong learner, Iris is continuously pursuing post-graduate training. She has completed courses in therapeutic dry needling (Kinetacore) as well as extensive ongoing training through the manual and manipulative physiotherapy program of the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. In addition, Iris has taken a variety of courses targeting orthopaedic and neurological conditions, and has a special interest in shoulder and running-related injuries.

Iris has been participating in triathlon for over 20 years and has represented Canada in the World Championships at an amateur level. Besides regular swim and run training, she is an avid cyclist (in all weather) for both transportation and fitness. She also loves spending time in the mountains hiking, skiing and camping.

Calgary Core Physiotherapist Iris Loots
  • What's your treatment philosophy?

    With emphasis on rehabilitation autonomy, Iris’ treatment philosophy focuses on education. She values helping patients understand the anatomy, mechanical function and the treatment plan to optimize recovery along with hands-on treatment and exercise.

  • What are you interested in outside of work?

    Iris stays active training for triathlon. She enjoys racing in the Triathlon World Championships and various road running races. Besides swimming, cycling and running, she enjoys hiking, cycle touring and cross-country skiing. Throughout the summer months she can be found out in her garden.

  • What are your areas of expertise and interest?

    As a swimmer herself, Iris has special interest in treating shoulder injuries. She also enjoys facilitating post-operative recovery, treating running injuries, and postural education. In addition, Iris is pursuing further training in manual therapy.

  • How do you take care of your body/prevent injuries?

    Living an active lifestyle by cycling to work year-round, cross training, and maintaining exercise diversity helps to keep Iris pain free.

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