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Hayley Lukacs

Assistant Director of Patient Experience, Director of Marketing

Calgary Core Physiotherapy Admin Team Member

Meet Hayley, the ultimate multitasker and wearer of many hats. As the Assistant Director of Patient Experience and Director of Marketing at Core Physio, she takes great pride in her roles, constantly striving to develop new tools and resources to better serve those around her.

With her Master’s degree in Health Service Management, Hayley possesses a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities of the healthcare industry. But it’s her natural ability to empathize and show compassion in difficult situations that truly sets her apart. Whether working with patients or collaborating with colleagues, Hayley always goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone feels valued and supported.

As Director of Marketing, she’s a creative force, always looking for innovative ways to promote Core Physio’s services and connect with the community, and as Patient Experience Coordinator, she excels at developing and implementing programs that enhance the overall patient experience from the moment they walk through the door to the moment they leave.

Through her years of competitive figure skating, dressage, running, skiing, and (now) mountain biking, Hayley has come to recognize the value of having a reliable, and supportive team of medical professionals. She also understands firsthand the importance of providing top-quality care and support to patients, whether they’re recovering from an injury, or striving to improve personal bests and their overall health and wellness.

Calgary Core Physiotherapy Admin Team Member

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