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Hayley Lukacs

Assistant Director of Patient Experience, Director of Marketing

Calgary Core Physiotherapy Admin Team Member

Hayley has always been highly involved in athletics. From years of competitive figure skating, dressage and running, having the best team of medical professionals for support has always been a must! Alongside her active lifestyle, She completed her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science from Ambrose University in 2018, and recently started her Masters this year. Currently studying through the University of Lethbridge’s Calgary Campus, she is working towards completing her Masters of Health Service Management degree.

She has always had an interest in the healthcare industry and a passion for helping others; knowing how to empathize and show compassion in difficult situations. At Core Physio, she takes pride in her roles as the Director of Marketing & Patient Experience Coordinator, always developing new tools to best assist those around me. She chose Core Physio because of the high degree of personalized care – we’re always aiming to exceed clients’ expectations. Coupled with a remarkable, and highly qualified group of physiotherapists, Core Physio provides care with the utmost competency, and integrity.

In addition to the numerous additional qualifications held by members of our physiotherapy team, Core Physio’ s strong team-focused environment ensures the best interest for our patients. As a runner herself, the team at Core Physio helped her to overcome a variety concerns, – always getting her back on her feet!



Calgary Core Physiotherapy Admin Team Member

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